About Our Church

At Holy Cross we strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, as we are all God’s children
Our MissionMinistries

Our Mission & Vision

At Holy Cross we strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, as we are all God’s children

We boast a modest-sized congregation of just over 130 members, most from Novi and the adjacent communities.  The Parish is actively involved in community outreach programs which serve a diversity of needs, both locally and in the greater metro area.  Our ministries, service, and stewardship enhance the function of the church and worship services, as well as supporting the needs of our people.

Mission & Purpose

Belief in the Holy Trinity, Forgiveness, and Salvation are our cornerstones.  This Parish celebrates God’s love as we follow our journey of faith. We attempt to practice radical hospitality and our congregation is made of many nationalities, ethnicities and orientations, all working together to follow God’s path in the world..

Who We Are

Our Staff

Priest-in-Charge: Ian Reed Twiss

Administrator & Sexton: Teri Landreth:

Music Directors: Joy Zug & Kate Autry

Our Pastor: Ian Reed Twiss

Our Pastor: Ian Reed Twiss


Ian has been an Episcopal priest and pastor since 2007.  He says: “For me, God’s call for the church to help shape a world of love and social justice is very important–in advocacy and in ministries that connect with and involve the community beyond the church’s walls.”  He is a collaborative leader and enjoys finding new ways to live out the gospel that are nimble, experimental, risk-taking, creative, and life-giving.  


A life-long learner, Ian is currently working on his third master’s degree, this one in social work.  He has been married for over 25 years and has three young adult children, the last of whom is getting ready to fly the nest.  In his spare time, he is a cyclist, jazz pianist, voracious reader, and enjoyer of time spent with friends and family.